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The goal of Bambini delle Fate is to support social- and research-oriented projects aimed at children with autism or disabilities. Companies in every region show their involvement in making social welfare their business through continuous monthly donations. The amounts collected go toward financing local associations, hospitals or organisations. Every month, local and national news publications dedicate stories to the companies that give such support, these 'captains courageous' that have chosen to make social welfare their business and make Bambini delle Fate's projects reality. The goal of Bambini delle Fate is to support at least one social welfare project in every province of Italy.

Peserico has had a fundamental role in the Associazione ABAut ONLUS's work, especially in the 'Paletta e Secchiello' (Shovel and Pail) project. It has helped and financially supported the families of ABAut, giving them a reason to smile again, as well as hope for a better future.

ABAut was created with one dream in mind: the Shovel and Pail project to build a different reality together; the goal of this initiative, which ABAut strives toward every day, is to offer financial support to the families of children that have undertaken an individualised education program based on the ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis). The aim is to partially cover the costs of the psychologist supervising and consulting on the individual education plan (BCBA; supervisor and behavioural analyst) and increase the number of hours spent during at-home sessions with supervision required to reach defined goals. There are a number of other interdependent factors involved. ABAut offers comprehensive services to fully aid families in need, promoting academic projects and projects aimed at providing psychological support to siblings and parents of children diagnosed with autism.

Caption: Franco Antonello and his son Andrea
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