Passione sartoriale veneta dal 1962
Spring/Summer 2018 catalogue

White Gold

In the ancient Saltworks of Paceco, on the Western point of Sicily, the sea water, the energy of the wind and the heat of the sun make it possible to produce what the ancient Phoenicians used to call White Gold. This is a precious kitchen salt, which is famous all over the world and has been extracted in this place for time immemorial. These saltworks are unique and full of fascination: places where the burnished colours of the Sicilian land contrast with the candid mounds of salt, which is patiently collected up by hard-working men. This is a land swept by the hot wind from the nearby coasts of Africa, which is rich with chromatic contrasts. In fact, the scenery seems to be tailor-made as the back drop for the colours of the Peserico Spring-Summer 2018 collection, again dominated by neutral tones lit up by some really unusual bright colours: green, which ranges from agate to bottle green; blue, which subtly recalls the colours of denim jeans; or warm caramel tones which range from terracotta to coral. This collection is based around careful silhouettes and volumes, which are enlivened by the injection of a dynamic, contemporary spirit. Here, a casual touch is mixed with refined seduction, and ranges from the elegant to the sporty. Opposites communicate in a harmonious whole, as if they are suspended between the sky and the earth, in perfect Peserico style.
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