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Our Spring Summer 2020

A Tribute To Antonio Canova

The PESERICO 20 Spring Summer Collection takes inspiration from Antonio Canova’s genius, retracing his life from its origins to the techniques that made him one of the most celebrated and talented Italian sculptors of the Neoclassical period and a constant source of pride for the Veneto region. The Cornedo Vicentino brand has established a collaboration with the Fondazione Canova Onlus, once again demonstrating its close ties with the local area. Of all the sculptors, Canova was the most adept at translating and conveying emotions and actions in a composed, graceful manner without ever exaggerating or going to excess. Instead, he concentrated on careful, almost manic, attention to detail. The brand shares in this same goal and humbly compares itself to the artist as it strives season after season to create a project that is harmonious, simple, pure and balanced. Peserico also begins with a drawing and shapes, then develops lines and details to make it stand above the crowd. Colours are studied so that they optimise the garments as much as possible and mirror harmony and simplistic balance made entirely in Italy, where innate culture gives life to greatness. The collection seeks to enhance the products by connecting them to their classicist roots, with passion and dedication. In its pre-collection, Peserico explores the environments, history and techniques of Antonio Canova, before concentrating on three symbolic themes in the main collection: THE THREE GRACES, CUPID AND PSYCHE STANDING, ADONIS CROWNED BY VENUS.
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