Fifty years of Italian tradition.

The brand Peserico was created in 1962 in Cornedo Vicentino by the design skill of Mary Peserico, who established it with her husband Giuseppe Peruffo, the President of the company.

The company targets the market by offering garments cared in every detail with handmade processes thanks to a high research of quality fabrics combined to a precise tailoring knowledge. The family company grew quickly from a small workshop into a market known brand. The brand Peserico soon became synonymous for quality pants and skirts designed for women who value a sophisticated elegance. While the brand continues to expand Riccardo Peruffo is now leading the company and is developing the Peserico creations throughout all facets of the business – from women’s total look to leather shoes and accessories. In recent years the brand has strengthened its market share exporting more than 50% of its total production. The distribution in the most exclusive boutiques of Europe, Asia and United States is combined to the strengthening of the brand in the Italian market. Such philosophy has lead the company to move its borders towards the foreign markets and to open its two first flagship stores in Milan, Turin and Verona, Italy following a business strategy that schedules the future opening of new Peserico boutiques.
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